ROAD TRIP - April 2016

Technically less of a road trip and more of a day drive down to LA when my Mum and her husband visited. This set features some very stormy skies shot from a moving vehicle on the I-5 heading into LA and one or two road side shots along Big Sur.


We were staying in a lovely Air b 'n' b just off Mulholland Drive so it made sense to pop up to the viewing platform at sunrise and get a classic Hollywood sign shot and  a very moody image of downtown LA.




The above photos were taken from the back seat of the hire car. This at least gave me a chance to test out the OIS on the new lens and play with shutter speed settings.


I love the Coca-Cola sign above Bryant and it's not in the safest spot in the city to just stroll up and get a shot.



Big Sur is one of California's gems. Pressed up against the Pacific Ocean it is lined with sweeping panoramic sea views and home to a plethora of creatures great and small, The scenic drive along route 101 makes me more than a little sad that I am unable to drive.


The above and below images were taken whilst we had pulled over to stop for some lunch and gave me the opportunity to play with some ND filters, which brought some interested French tourists over for a chat.

Big Sur is one of California's gems, pressed up against the Pacific Ocean it is lined with sweeping panoramic sea views...


I took the chance to get up super early on the first day and wonder up to the viewing  spot above the Hollywood Bowl. It was a pretty moody looking morning, and the sunrise coming up through the clouds over downtown gave the scene a Terminator 2-esque apocalyptic hue. The header image was taken the same morning.





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