San Francisco and the Bay Area is currently the place I call home and it's a bizarre place, full of social-economic contradictions and wild liberal eccentricities.


Amidst this social madness however, the city is also home to some of America's most iconic and lesser appreciated landmarks and pieces of architecture. These are just a few images of my favourite places in and around the city so far.




Until very recently, Mission Bay was essentially a no-mans land in San Francisco. Littered with dockside repair yards and on the cusp of the now rather hip Dogpatch area, it was a kind of post-industrial playground. The arrival of the San Francisco University Hospital and office developments have turned the place into one of the quickest developing areas in the city.


Much like London's Hackney Wick, which lost it's art-centric, DIY charm once the Olympics landed in it's backyard, there is the distinct possibility that the arrival of the new Golden State Warriors' arena will turn the place into yet another tourist site. For now, it's still a little rough around the edges and thank goodness for that.

Mission Bay was essentially a no mans land in San Francisco, littered with Dockside repair yards and on the cusp of the trendy Dogpatch area


'The Other' bridge in San Francisco is equally as impressive as it's Golden sibling from along the Bay and would probably be given equal dues if it also led out onto a picturesque haven, and not the  industrial mass of Oakland. An enourmous structure which currently has a fantastic LED display by artist Leo Villareal running along it nightly.

'The Other' bridge in San Francisco is equally as impressive as it's Golden sibling from along the Bay...


Not only does the Island feature in one of my favourite Ikara Colt songs - bonus track of Chat and Business, but having visited the Island a few times now, I have to admit the history of the place and the amount of wildlife and fauna on the Island surprised me.


Of course there are the tales of infamous criminals and escape attempts, and standing in the solitary cells does induce a very real chill to the spine, but there is so much more to the place that it really is a must visit.




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